Vare Vineyard Ribolla Gialla

Vare Vineyard Napa Valley

Ribolla Gialla is alive and well in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley thanks to George Vare. George fell in love with Ribolla Gialla in the early ‘90s while traveling in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Northeastern Italy, and committed to bringing this variety home to California. Cuttings were taken from Josko Gravner’s heralded vineyard in Friuli and suitcased into the United States, signaling the first arrival of this ancient variety in California. In 2001, George and Elsa planted the cuttings in their home vineyard at the foot of Mt. Veeder in the Western Napa Valley. The soils here are deep, alluvial, gravelly clay-loam and the vines are densely-planted, encouraging competition between the vines. The site benefits from early afternoon shading, while daytime temperatures are moderated by proximity to the adjacent redwood-forested slopes of Mt. Veeder. Farmed to perfection by Steve Matthiasson, this vineyard will continue to produce exceptional, age-worthy and singular Ribolla Gialla for years to come.

Elevation: 150’
Clone/Selection: Gravner
Soils: Haire series; Gravelly clay-loam
Vine Density: 2.5’x6’
Farming: Organic
Planted: 2001

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