Bohan Ranch Trousseau

Bohan Ranch Fort Ross Seaview

The Bohan Ranch is located at 1400’ on a ridgetop west of Cazadero, 3 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The ranch was originally purchased in the 1940s by Mick Bohan and was used for raising sheep until the first Zinfandel vines were planted in 1972, making them the first vines on the Sonoma Coast in the modern era. Historically, Russian settlers at Fort Ross had planted vines from Peruvian cuttings as early as 1817. Vineyard plantings on the ranch were slowly expanded through the early ‘80s, with more varieties added. Finally in 2010, our friend Tegan Passalacqua was able to convince George Bohan to graft over a couple acres of unproductive Merlot to Trousseau. We arranged for cuttings to be taken from the Luchsinger vineyard and the switch was made, allowing us access to a few barrels worth of fruit per year. The thin-skinned Trousseau grapes grown in this coastal site are bright and energetic and loaded with punch. A little bit of this wine goes a long way in our blended North Coast Trousseau, and we are thrilled to get it.

Elevation: 1400’
Clone/Selection: Trousseau
Soils: Empire Series; sandy loam, shale
Vine Density: 4’x8’
Farming: Sustainable
Planted: Originally Planted: Grafted 2010

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