Baker Lane Vineyard Syrah

Baker Lane Vineyard Sonoma Coast

In the windswept hills west of the town of Sebastopol, just off the Gravenstein Highway, sits the gorgeous Baker Lane vineyard. This verdant, pastoral setting is home to vintner Stephen Singer’s realized dream of growing world-class Syrah in California. This hilly region between Sebastopol and Petaluma in Western Sonoma County was dominated for decades by apple orchards and livestock grazing. As competition from growers in Washington exerted pressure on the market, many apple growers either sold their land or began converting to grapes. Baker Lane is one of these sites, and the remaining heirloom trees that border the vineyard still produce some of the most flavorful apples in California. The soils here are pale, very fine sandy Goldridge loam, perfectly suited for the cultivation of Syrah. Average temperatures at Baker Lane are cool, and although warmer than Que Syrah or Clary Ranch, this site benefits from a long, steady growing season frequented by regular fog incursion and breezy afternoons though spring and summer. The Syrah grown by Stephen Singer and organic viticultural expert Greg Adams is some of the best in Sonoma County, and we are lucky to work with a small amount for our Sonoma Coast Syrah. The tiny berries here are so dark, they are nearly black in appearance. The flavors in the resulting wine are saturated with savory, roasted meaty notes that are overlaid by pretty, floral and dark-fruited aromas. We have worked with this site since 2011 and it, along with the nearby Solas vineyard, forms the backbone of our Sonoma Coast Appellation Syrah.

Elevation: 270’
Clone/Selection: Alban/Estrella/Durell/383/877/470/174/Shiraz-1
Soils: Goldridge Series; Sandy Loam
Vine Density: 3’x8’
Farming: Organic
Planted: Originally Planted 2003

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